Kilian Evang

Portrait of Kilian Evang against a backdrop of autumn leaves

Department of Computational Linguistics
Institute for Language and Information Science
University of Düsseldorf


I am a computational linguist interested primarily in incremental structure prediction, ranging from text segmentation via tagging and syntactic parsing to semantic parsing into formal meaning representations. My current mission is to induce grammars cross-lingually to make semantic parsers more polyglot.

Short Bio

2017– Postdoctoral researcher/lecturer, ISI, University of Düsseldorf
2015–2017 Researcher/lecturer, CLCG/CIW, University of Groningen
2011–2017 PhD in Computational Semantics, University of Groningen
2008–2011 M.A. in Computational Linguistics, University of Tübingen
2005–2008 B.A. in Computational Linguistics, University of Tübingen


2017-10-23 I will give a course on Cross-lingual Semantic Parsing at ESSLLI 2018 (Sofia, Bulgaria).

2017-08-25: NVIDIA will be supporting my research with a Titan Xp card under their GPU grant program.